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Twelve Digit Counter with 2.3 Inch Digit Height

12 Digit Counter Module Kit - 2.3" Digits
Part number: DASS-23-12
Manufacturer: Cousign
$ 330.00

Twelve Digit Counter with 2.3 Inch Digit Height

Cousign DASS Displays are easily configured to count automatically based on your customized requirements.  Program the Hour, Minute, Day, Days to count or Count Stop, Count Up or Down, Module Address, and Decimal Point. Buttons located on the back of the unit allow for adjustments to the count including up, down, or reset / system program. Counting by an increment of Zero to 65 Thousand every second, minute, hour, or day. Set Start Time, End Time and Increment. 

Kit includes 12 module standoffs for mounting the module to sign surface

Display numbers from 0 to 999,999,999,999.

UL 120 volt Power Supply Module.