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Signs with designs available for Lowes

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Width: 24"

Accident Free Workplace Sign (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Accident Free Workplace Sign with One 5" 4 Digit Display
$696.00 $547.00

Sign with one large and one regular numeric display (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Sign with One 5" 4 Digit Display and one 2.3" 4 digit display
$889.00 $698.00

Safety Scoreboard with Three Displays (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Safety Scoreboard with Three 2.3" Displays.
$924.00 $726.00

Electronic Safety Scoreboard with Five Counters (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Electronic Safety Scoreboard Sign with Five 2.3" 4 Digit Displays
$1,309.00 $1,028.00