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Accident Free Days Sign

Custom Accident Free Days Signs by Cousign

Custom Accident Free Days Signs for Your Business

Accident Free Days signs are a great way to motivate your employees to stay safe and prevent accidents. They also help to boost accountability and safety awareness. These signs are an excellent addition to your safety program, whether you’re dealing with hazardous materials or paper cuts.

A sign displaying the amount of days since the last accident won’t be very motivational if nobody looks at it. That’s why all our signs can be personalized to your business to ensure your employees take notice!

We will include your company colors, logo, and custom text on the sign to help it stand out and get noticed. Display your new sign(s) in your manufacturing areas, your fulfillment areas, break rooms, guard shacks, or lobby. Inspire your employees to take extra care and work safely and show off that new safety record.

Create Your Accident Free Days Sign Design Online

With our online design tool, you can choose to create your own custom design for your accident free days sign. From the graphics to the company logo, to the text, to the rules of your safety program, you can add anything you want to your accident free days sign.  Use our in-house designers to create a beautiful design for you. Already have access to a graphic designer at your company?  No problem, we'll send them a template to use to send us artwork for your sign.

Of course, we will always send a final draft of your proposed sign to you for approval before we move ahead with the manufacturing process. If there are any changes that you would like us to make to your sign we'll rework it until it's perfect. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Types of Displays

We offer several different electronic display types that can be included on our signs. These display types include numeric, stoplight, and scrolling message displays. We can incorporate any of our display types into your days since last accident sign. With our signs, you can display the tracking of days, hours, minutes, or even seconds! There are also a number options for adding flashing green, yellow, or red stoplights too. If you would like your sign to attract extra attention, add a scrolling message display to your sign! With it you can communicate important information by changing the message whenever you like. We will make sure that your sign displays the information that you want to display in the most efficient, attention grabbing, and professional manner.

Excellent Customization Options

Our accident free days signs have the option to have multiple displays. We understand that every company has its own unique needs and that is why we offer so much flexibility when designing your sign. Regardless of what you need in a safety sign, we can create it. We can also add as many display types as you need. Have a look through our catalogue to find a configuration that work best for you or contact us for more options.

With our custom days since last accident signs, you can use a single remote or ethernet network controller to adjust the settings on any display. Our prices are also extremely competitive. If you think that you’ve found a better price somewhere else, just let us know. We will beat their price! You will always get the best deals with us.

Cousign Product Finder and instant quoting tool

Our product finder and quote tool will help you find and customize the sign you want.  Just tell us what size sign you are looking for and what display types should be included and we'll point you to the right product. If we don't have a configuration listed you'll get an instant price quote for your sign and instructions on how to order.