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Custom Printed Safety Scoreboards

Counting Signs is what we do. Let our signs automatically count for you.

Custom Safety Scoreboard Signs.

Providing a highly visible means of tracking the number of days your facility has gone without an injury or accident using digital safety signage is a critical piece of your overall safety awareness program.  Placing a safety scoreboard sign to track your days without an accident record in each high traffic area serves to promote safety consciousness as well as serving as a quick reference for your team members.  A sign with several displays can be even more motivating.  Adding a display for best previous record encourages your team to stay safe in order to achieve a new record.  Adding a counter for each department will inspire even more competition, and with competition comes awareness!

Days without accident counter sizes and types

Our most common number displays are offered in 5 inch and 2.3 inch digit sizes but we have options that go up to 16 digits and can count up or down each second, minute, day or month.  You don’t need to just count days.  You can count safe man hours or count down to an event.  We also offer multi color scrolling message boards that can display custom safety messages, and red/green/yellow stoplight scoreboard options that can help to notify your workforce of an incident or near miss.  When combined these various display options produce incredible possibilities for communicating your safety message with a single custom sign.

Design your sign online

Each of our signs is built to order in our facility here in the United States and tailored to your exact needs.  Our online design tool allows you to choose a suitable display configuration and customize the text and graphics to your company or safety program needs.  You may wish to label each counter with a department or team name, add your facilities location, insert your company branding or safety program logos and messages.  Whatever you can dream up, we can produce.  You'll always have an opportunity to approve your custom design before we manufacture it.

In House Designers On Staff

If you are looking for a sign that will really pop, just give us a rough idea of what your sign should look like and our design team will make it shine.  We never charge for design work so why not use it!  Just do your best in the designer so we know what labels to use for the counters and choose 'show me a recommended design' for the proofing option selection.  We'll have a proof for you to provide feedback on within 24 hours.

Numerous Configurations to choose from

View our selection of affordable, high quality accident scoreboards below or create your own custom scoreboard using any of our existing designs as a starting point.  To customize our signs simply select a sign that most closely resembles the sign you are looking for and click the "Select Design" button on the product page.  Our online designer will let you change and move text and graphics as well as the placement of displays on the sign.

Answers to commonly asked questions and instruction manuals can be found on our support page.


Featured products

Days without Accident Sign with One Large Display (48Hx36W)

48"h x 36"w Days without Accident Sign with one 5" 4 digit Display
$772.00 $607.00

Digital Safety Scoreboard Sign with Two Counters (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard Sign with Two 2.3" Counters
$474.00 $373.00

Multicolor Light Safety Scoreboard Sign with Numeric Display (22Hx28W)

22"h x 28"w Safety Scoreboard Sign with One Numeric Display and 4" multicolor light
$457.00 $359.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Large Display (36Hx48W)

36"h x 48"w Days Without an Accident Sign with One 5" Day Counter and Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$1,233.00 $969.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Numeric Display (22Hx28W)

22"h x 28"w Days Without an Accident Sign with One Day Counter and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$649.00 $510.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Numeric Display (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Days Without an Accident Sign with One Day Counter and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$649.00 $510.00

Stoplight Safety Sign (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Safety Sign with Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$733.00 $600.00