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Safety Scoreboard Signs

Counting Signs is what we do. Let our signs automatically count for you.

Cousign is the world's premier provider of high-quality safety scoreboards and digital counting signs for businesses of any type or size. Offering hundreds of different scoreboard styles to choose from, you can be sure to find a ready-made solution for your company that will instantly help promote a safe and accident-free environment in your workplace. Want something more specific? Custom design something that will match your brand using our simple online design tool today!

Featured Safety Scoreboards

Browse Cousign's featured selection of top selling scoreboards & signs.

Days without Accident Sign with One Large Display (48Hx36W)

48"h x 36"w Days without Accident Sign with one 5" 4 digit Display
$1,043.00 $820.00

Digital Scoreboard Sign with Two Counters (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Scoreboard Sign with Two 2.3" Counters
$632.00 $497.00

Multicolor Light Scoreboard Sign with Numeric Display (22Hx28W)

22"h x 28"w Scoreboard Sign with One Numeric Display and 4" multicolor light
$562.00 $442.00

Multicolor Light Scoreboard Sign with Two Numeric Displays (22Hx28W)

22"h x 28"w Scoreboard Sign with Two Numeric Displays and 4" Multicolor light
$755.00 $593.00

Scoreboard with One Day Counter (28Hx22W)

28"h X 22"w Scoreboard Sign with One 4 digit 2.3" Display
$334.00 $275.00

Sign with one 4 inch RGB light (22Hx28W)

22"h x 28"w Scoreboard Sign with 4" Multicolor light
$370.00 $290.00

Sign with Small Numeric Counter and Safety Cross (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Sign with One 2.3" Numeric Display and Safety Cross
$790.00 $620.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Large Display (36Hx48W)

36"h x 48"w Days Without an Accident Sign with One 5" Day Counter and Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$1,504.00 $1,181.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Numeric Display (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard with One 2.3" Day Counter and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$755.00 $593.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Numeric Display (28Hx42W)

28"h x 42"w Safety Scoreboard with One 2.3" Day Counter and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights

Stoplight Sign with Three Numeric Displays (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard with three 2.3" Day Counters and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$1,140.00 $995.00

Safety Signs by Category

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Why Choose Cousign?

Being in the digital sign business for over 15 years means Cousign founders Chris & Steve Trottier know safety signs. Our goal is to provide simple and effective signage for businesses to improve safety around the workplace through our cost-effective counting signs that are great for employees and business owners alike. Here are some of our unique offerings:
Custom Safety Scoreboard Signs
Don't see a scoreboard design that works for you? We provide custom safety scoreboard solutions that are sure to match your vision & accomplish your goals.
Design Your Sign Online
Our online design tool allows you to choose a suitable display configuration and customize the text and graphics to your company or safety program needs.
In-House Designers On Staff
If you are looking for a sign that will really pop, just give us a rough idea of what your sign should look like and our design team will make it shine.
Hundreds of Signs to Choose From
View our selection of affordable, high quality accident scoreboards or create your own custom scoreboard using any of our existing designs as a starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What is a safety scoreboard?

A safety scoreboard offers businesses the perfect solution to keep track of their workforce's days without safety-related accidents. These digital counting signs are posted wherever you would like to promote safe working procedures and are designed to encourage & incentivize employees to beat their record. Safety scoreboards have been shown to be an effective way to decrease incidents in the workplace.

How can I get a custom designed scoreboard?

Each of our signs is built to order in our facility here in the United States and tailored to your exact needs. You may wish to label each counter with a department or team name, add your facility's location, insert your company branding or safety program logos and messages. Whatever you can dream up, we can produce. You'll always have an opportunity to approve your custom design before we manufacture it. Simply contact us to start your custom design quote.

What kind of styles & designs do you offer?

Our most common numeric displays are available in 5” and 2.3” height and four digits long, but we have options to increase digit count up to 16 and digit height up to 12 inches! Our red, yellow, and green safety stoplights can help to notify your workforce of an incident or near-miss and are available in 4” and 8” diameters. We also offer several sizes of our new multi-color lights which can be set to any color you need! Our number displays are quite flexible allowing you to count up or down each second, minute, hour, day, week, or month and can also be set to just display a static number. We also offer full color scrolling message displays in a variety of sizes that can display user configured messages and animated images! When combined these various display options produce incredible possibilities for communicating your safety message with a single custom sign.

How much does a custom designed scoreboard cost?

Pricing of your sign depends primarily on the sign size, type and quantity of display components as well as your desired mounting and control options. We never charge for custom artwork, so you can change text, add your logo, and move displays for no extra cost. Our web prices are always up to date and automatically adjust based on the control and mounting options selected.

How do I place an order?

Orders are taken via this website. We try to make our online ordering and design process as simple as possible, but if you need any assistance feel free send us an email at or give us a call at (269) 290-1222. We do our best to answer all emails promptly. Once we know what you are looking for, we can send you a customized order link that will make placing your order a breeze.