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Electronic Day Counter

Custom Electronic Day Counter Signs by Cousign

Personalized Electronic Day Counter Signs for your Business

Whether you need to count up to an event or count down to an event, our personalized signs can help you. Our electronic day counter signs provide a highly visible way to track days. In addition to being able to count one day at a time, they can also count in increments other than one. In order to fully customize your electronic day counter, we can include your company logo, colors, slogan, or specific text onto your day counter. Making your signage unique to your company will help it attract even more attention. In addition to counting days, our day counters can also count minutes, seconds, hours, and months. There are up to 16 digits that can be used to track various metrics. You can track man hours worked, sales, time until a major deadline, miles, production quantity or anything else!

Create Your Electronic Day Counter Design Online

Our online design tool enables you to create your own custom design for your electronic day counter tool. You can customize your designs to the specific needs of your business. Whatever designs you can come up with, we can produce for you. We are very flexible. You can do it yourself with our online designer or enlist the help of one of our in-house design experts to design a sign unique to your needs. If you have designers on staff, we can print their artwork too!  Our experts are extremely talented and can create truly beautiful designs for you. Order with confidence knowing that we never print anything without first receiving your approval of the final design.  For more information check out this information on our proofing process.

Display Types for your Electronic Day Counter

We have the ability to outfit your sign with various sizes of numeric displays.  Our numeric displays are available in 2.3”, 5”, 8” and 12” digit heights. These numeric displays are very flexible and can automatically count days, hours, minutes, or seconds. You can make your sign count anything you want.  After all, that is what we do: Counting Signs. Choose the intervals that are the best fit for the needs of your business. You also have the option to add a variety of lights to your sign.  Our stoplights come in 4” and 8” sizes and can be set to solid or flashing at different blink rates. They are bound to attract attention! We also offer a variety of scrolling message displays in multiple sizes and configurations.  Use these scrolling messages to communicate important information to your employees, and update them with new information at any time.

Quote Tool and Product Finder

Here at Cousign, we’ve created a product finder and quote tool which will help you find the sign you are looking for, or quote it if we don’t currently have a matching configuration in our catalog. Just tell us the size of the sign that you are looking for and the type of displays that you want. The tool will point you to the correct product page or quote you a price and let you request that we add it to the catalog for ordering. If you run into any issues, we’re always just a phone call or email away, feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you might have. Our customer service professionals are extremely knowledgeable and are very friendly. Let us get to work on your sign today so you can hang it up and motivate your employees.