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Digital Safety Sign

Custom Digital Safety Signs by Cousign

Custom Digital Safety Signs for Your Business

The safety of your employees is of the highest importance. Nobody wants to hear that a work place accident has caused harm to an employee. Help your team focus on safety with one of our custom digital safety signs.  Display the number of days since your last accident in a key area such as a break room or guard shack. A well-placed electronic safety sign can help to keep your employees motivated to stay safe resulting in fewer preventable accidents.

Cousign can personalize your digital safety signs by adding your company logo, colors, and personalized text to your sign. These touches ensure your sign is relevant which helps to draw even more attention helping to focus your team on their safety goals.

Every bit of safety awareness adds up to lives saved. Let our signs be a part of your overall strategy for keeping your team safe.

Create Your Own Designs Online

Our online design tool you can create your own digital safety sign design online. Our tool allows you to customize your sign by selecting your own graphics and text choices. You can add your company logo, specific words and phrases, etc. Whatever message you want to be on your sign, you can add it with the online design tool. If there is a graphic designer at your company, then he or she can create the design and we will print it. We also have in-house designers who can help to create a stunning sign for you if you prefer. After we create your designs, you will have a chance to approve them, don’t worry! We will not manufacture the signs until your approval is given. However, once you give the green light, we will move forward with building a beautiful, customized digital safety sign for you.

Display Types for Your Digital Safety Sign

We have a number of different display types that you can choose from when building your digital safety sign. The main display types that we offer are numeric displays, stoplight displays, and scrolling message displays, as well as multicolor displays. Our numeric displays are available in 2.3”, 5”, 8” and 12” heights.  Stoplights are available in 8” and 4” versions. We also have several sizing options for scrolling message configurations. With all these choices, we can make sure that you get exactly the sign you are looking for. We can make recommendations for you as to which display type might be the best for your situation, so feel free to ask!

Instant Quote Tool and Product Finder

Here at Cousign we have a product finder and quote tool which allows you to quickly find the sign you are looking for. To use this tool, just enter the size of the sign you want, and which display types you want included on the sign. Then, we will connect you with the corresponding product or allow you request that it be added. This tool dramatically speeds up the process of finding the perfect sign for your company. You will receive an instant price quote for the sign that you choose whether it is currently in our catalog or not! This tool is very simple and easy to use and it can help you to get your customized and beautiful electronic safety sign in no time!