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Safety Board

Increase safety awareness with a custom safety board

Custom Safety Boards that demand attention!

Your safety board doesn’t need to be a dull drab cork board stuffed with layers and layers of pins and post-its  that nobody ever bothers to look at. At Cousign we think a safety board should stand out and demand its rightful attention, while still providing the base functionality of informing and motivating employees about safety.

Do you need to communicate policy? Procedure? Inspiration? We have you covered.  Let us create an amazing safety board for you with our wide array of electronic displays, document holders, and lighting options.  Everything can be customized including the print and component placement so go ahead and start dreaming up your perfect safety board.  Then shoot us over an email or give us a call!

Safety Board Design Options

We offer a unique online design tool to help you communicate to us what your sign should look like.  You can choose to use this tool or you can just send us an email with your requirements.  We'll put together a mockup of the board and send it over to you for feedback.

Either way we'll always make sure to send you a final draft of your safety board for approval before we begin production of your sign. If there are issues with your proof, simply let us know what needs to change and we'll make sure to get a revised version to you quickly, and we'll keep reworking it until it's exactly what you are looking for. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

So many Displays!

We have many display types to choose from, and we just can't help ourselves.... we keep coming up with more!  For number based metrics we have numeric displays in various heights from 2.3" all the way up to 12".  We also offer 4" and 8" diameter safety lights as well as several options for multicolor lights that can be set to any color!  Talk about opening up all kinds of possiblities for communicating status! Pair any combination of these displays with one of our scrolling messages for even more impact!

We'll strive to ensure that your safety board displays the information that you want to display in the most efficient, attention grabbing, and professional manner.

Cousign Product Finder and instant quoting tool

Our product finder and quote tool will help you find and customize the safety board you want.  Just tell us what size sign you are looking for and what display types should be included and we'll point you to the right product. If we don't have a configuration listed you'll get an instant price quote for your sign and instructions on how to order.