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Nov 2016

Building a Culture of Safety: Reaching Out to Your Community


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Regardless of the size of your business- whether it be a national corporation or a small neighborhood corner store- get involved in the community. In light of Halloween and the millions of individuals participating in trick-or-treating, parties, and various festivities, safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.

For some, there may be a disconnect between the workplace and the community surrounding it. Yet, the employees of every business – who are the very fiber of every work-environment- are a company’s direct link to the surrounding community. If employers value the safety of their employees in the workplace, then they should value the safety of their employees outside of it. Obviously, employers are not legally responsible for employee safety outside of the workplace. However, a safety-oriented culture is built by going above and beyond.

Why Employer-Community Involvement is Important

Safe communities are crucial to the health and wellbeing for the people of the United States. Employers across the nation depend on healthy, happy, and strong employees to carry out work duties. Workplaces across the nation are not independent entities. Rather, they are another piece in the collective set of pieces that creates a community. As a result, it is important for businesses to take pride in their communities, and to reach out in order to improve their surroundings.

Companies who invest time and energy to positively influence the communities around them will also reap the benefits of a business-community relationship. Public relations are crucial to the longevity of a business. Not only so, but employees who feel that their employer is engaged in bettering life around and outside of the workplace are more likely to buy in to the development of safety culture within the workplace.

How it’s done

Employers can implement wellness programs, conduct hazard assessments, and install safety-culture promoting items such as safety scoreboards. These all improve occupational health and safety within the workplace. What about outside of it? There are many, many ways for companies to invest time and energy into the community around them.

First and foremost, the little things matter. Employers (especially local business owners) should do ‘the little things’. What does this mean? For example, Halloween is right around the corner. The dangers of Halloween night are well documented; vehicle-pedestrian accidents, candy infused with dangerous drugs or chemicals, ‘stranger-danger’, and general mischief. Employers could take the initiative and pass out flyers with safety tips for employees with children. Something as small as acknowledging dangers outside of the workplace, and showing a genuine concern regarding those dangers can go a long way.

Local companies should also be aware of community events, circumstances, programs, and needs. A great example of this is in sponsorship of community programs such as Little League Baseball. However, companies can take it a step forward and focus on getting involved by joining the local Chamber of Commerce, sitting on committees dedicated to developing safer neighborhoods, or even funding something simple; such as improved street lighting. Ultimately, one goal of every company should be to give back to the community and improve the health and safety of the places where their very employees come from.

Finally, employers can improve the safety and wellbeing of the community around them by being a positive force on the lives of employees. A workplace that is dedicated to the betterment of society carries out that dedication by improving the workplace and focusing on a safety-oriented culture. Promoting a culture of safety and working towards that goal within the workplace is the stepping stone to improving the surrounding community.

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