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Mar 2016

Feeling Lucky, or working safely?


Walk onto any construction site, distribution center, or warehouse and you’ll find one of those safety boards in the office proudly showing how many days it has been since someone was last injured on the job.  As the safe days count ticks higher, you can reasonably make one of two assumptions.  The safety practices in place are doing a great job, or there are a whole bunch of lucky people on site who should be picking up lotto tickets.


These displays send a clear and in your face constant reminder to all who pass by. We have made it this far without someone getting seriously hurt!  Keep it up please.  Some find these signs to be a gentle reminder to focus on safety.  A call to work smarter, to be on the lookout for potential hazards and address them swiftly and effectively.  Others view them as an ultimatum.  Keep these numbers moving higher, because it’s your noggin on the line.  If it’s not one of your limbs or digits, it’ll be that of someone you know and we will all pay a price if the worst happens.  Be safe or else! 


When you walk by one of these signs and find it to be a kind nudge or a provocation, remember the simple fact that you found it to be anything at all means it has done its job well.  As long as everyone is reacting to that safety scoreboard, it’s doing its part in helping to keep you and your team focused on safety so you can all get home tonite. 

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