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Safety Scoreboard with 12 Digit 2.3" Display (22Hx28W)

22"h X 28"w Safety Scoreboard with One 12-Digit 2.3" Display
Part number: 2228-1U3
Manufacturer: Cousign
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$ 607.00

Unique Safety Scoreboard Display

Grab more attention with this unique safety scoreboard that displays the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that have elapsed since your last accident.

Avoid the worst. Put safety first.

Accidents in the workplace are dangerous and lead to lost time and reduced productivity.  Help raise awareness with this 22" high by 28" wide safety scoreboard.  The counter on this sign is not like any others on the market.  The twelve 2.3" bright led digits display not only your safe work days count but the hours, minutes and seconds since your last lost time accident.  The second and minutes ticking by provides a unique visual that helps capture attention.

Twelve digit counter highlights

The module allows you to count by increments other than one every second, minute, hour, or day.  You can use this display to count man hours worked, seconds until a project deadline, or any number of metrics unique to your business.  The logic is simple.  Tell the sign how often you want to count (second, minute, hour, day), what direction to count (up, down, don't count), and how much to count by (0 to 65,000).  Next simply set the current count, and the counter will begin following your instructions.

Display Components Details
12 Digit Display with 2.3 inch digits

With so many digits and programming options you can make this counter display just about anything.  We've had people use this counter to track safe miles driven for an entire fleet, safe man hours worked, seconds until a project deadline, and many more. The logic is simple.  Tell the sign how often you want to count, what direction to count, and how much to count by each time it counts.  Then simply set a current count, and the counter will begin following your instructions.  The configuration is stored in flash memory so if the power goes out, you won't need to reconfigure it.

Programming Options
Our 12 digit display can be configured to count just about anything. Count up or count down or turn automatic counting off and the display will only show the number you set it to. Set the brightness level from dim to blinding (5 levels of brightness). Count action can be configured to occur every second, minute, hour, day, week, or month. Limit counting to certain days.  For example you might only want to count Monday to Friday and not count on weekends. Configure the display to count by any number from 1 to 65,535 and each time the counter counts it will increment or decrement by that number. Decimal point location can be set to light the decimal point at any location, or to light the decimal points at thousandth's separator locations (every third digit from right to left)

Display Modes
This display can be configured to show the count in a couple different ways, or you can choose to use it as a clock or calendar display.

Current Count - Shows the current count
DDD-HH-MM-SS - Shows the current count, hours, minutes, and seconds
Clock - Shows the current time in HH MM SS format
Calendar - Shows the current date in DD MM YYYY format
Clock/Calendar - Alternate between Cock and Calendar display every 30 seconds

Product Specifications
Height 22"
Width 28"
Sign Face Material Digital Vinyl Print on Clear Lexan
Power Supply UL 120V (Wall Adapter with 6' cord) or direct wire depending on mounting option selected.
Control Options Manual, IR Remote, Network
Programmability Count up, down, or use as static display. Control decimal point location. Count only on specific days (ex. Monday-Friday)