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Safety Scoreboard with One 12 Inch Display (48Hx96W)

48"h x 96"w Safety Scoreboard Sign with one 12" 4 Digit Display
Part number: 4896-1H
Manufacturer: Cousign

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$ 1,829.00

Safety Scoreboard with 12 Inch Digit Height

This super sized landscape safety scoreboard with five inch digits is perfect for proudly displaying your accident free days.

Display Components Details
4 Digit Display with 12 inch digits
Product Specifications
Sign Face Material Digital Vinyl Print on Clear Lexan
Power Supply UL 120V (Wall Adapter with 6' cord) or direct wire depending on mounting option selected.
Control Options Manual, IR Remote, Network
Programmability Count up, down, or use as static display. Control decimal point location. Count only on specific days (ex. Monday-Friday)
Height 48"
Width 96"