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Apr 2016

Sample Accident/Incident Report Forms


Today’s article is a short one but packed with two great sample accident report form templates.  The first is an accident report template intended to be filled out after an accident or incident has occurred.  The second is a more detailed form intended to be filled out by a supervisor following up on an accident reported with the first form.  It’s important to have forms ready to go in the event of an incident as they will help you collect a standardized set of facts about each incident that can later be reviewed.  A review committee should analyze these submissions on a regular basis to help identify safety hazards in the workplace and identify steps to get them resolved as soon as possible in order to prevent future occurrences.

You are free to share, download and modify these reports as you see fit. We have included both .PDF and .DOCX versions for your convenience.

Accident Report form available in .docx and .pdf versions.

Sample Accident Report Form

Supervisor Report Form available in .docx and .pdf formats

Supervisor Accident Investigation Report Form

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