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Scrolling Message Digital Safety Scoreboard with Two Large Counters (36Hx48W)

36"h x 48"w Digital Safety Scoreboard Sign with Two 5" Day Counters and 2" Multi Color Scrolling Message
Manufacturer part number: 3648-2F-S
Manufacturer: Cousign

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Scrolling Message Electronic Safety Scoreboard with Two Large Counters

Display safety slogans and important messages to your employees and track accident free days for two departments. Customize this sign online and make it your own!

Be aware Take care

Keeping employees informed about their current safety count can go a long way to support a continuously improving, effective safety culture.  This sign features two four digit 5" displays which can be used to display the current record and a previous record or the current records of two different departments simultaneously.  Each large counter module operates independently but both can be controlled with a single remote without the need to cover any sensors. Use our online designer to customize this sign to your needs and we'll configure the counters to operate in the mode most suitable based on your design.  Rest assured all modules are user configurable at any time.

Display Components Details
4 Digit Display with 5 inch digits

With so many programming options you can make this counter display just about anything.  The most common use for this counter is to track safe days worked, but we've had people use this counter to track days until a project deadline, number of environmental incidents, static price display, and many more. The logic is simple.  Tell the sign how often you want to count, what direction to count, and how much to count by each time it counts.  Then simply set a current count, and the counter will begin following your instructions.  The configuration is stored in flash memory so if the power goes out, you won't need to reconfigure it.

Programming Options
Count up or count down or turn automatic counting off and the display will only show the number you set it to. Set the brightness level from dim to blinding (5 levels of brightness). Count action can be configured to occur every second, minute, hour, day, week, or month. Limit counting to certain days.  For example you might only want to count Monday to Friday and not count on weekends. Configure the display to count by any number from 1 to 99 and each time the counter counts it will increment or decrement by that number. Decimal point location can be set to light the decimal point at any location

By default these displays use only the decimal point, but the full comma can be enabled or disabled by setting a jumper on the back of the displays.

Scrolling Message with 2 inch letter height

Scrolling Message Display

Display your safety slogan or any other message you want on this configurable scrolling message display.

Multi Color LED Message Sign with 2 inch tall letters – visible indoor from 75 to 100 feet 
Vibrant, Multi Color LED's for text and graphics, One year factory warranty 
Unique stored animations and graphics, I/R Remote Control

Products specifications
Height 36"
Width 48"
Sign Face Material Digital Vinyl Print on Clear Lexan
Power Supply UL 120V (Wall Adapter with 6' cord) or direct wire depending on mounting option selected.
Control Options Manual, IR Remote, Network
Programmability Count up, down, or use as static display. Control decimal point location. Count only on specific days (ex. Monday-Friday)