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Stoplight Scoreboards

A days without accident sign with stoplights is a great option.

Nothing will get the attention of your workforce more than an eight inch flashing light!  These days without accident signs all have integrated stoplights which can each be set to on, off or flashing in response to conditions in your workplace.  These signs really increase awareness by demanding attention. A flashing red light on your stoplight safety scoreboard will signal to your employees that an accident has occurred.  A yellow light signals a near miss, and a green light shows everyone is working safely.

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Height: 28"

Red/Green 4" Stoplight Sign (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Stoplight Sign with 4" Red/Green Stoplights
$404.00 $350.00

Stoplight Customer Quality Board (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Customer Quality Board with 2 4" red/green lights and 2.3' display
$544.00 $428.00

4" Stoplight Sign with 5” Counter (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard Sign with One 5" Counter and 4" Red/Green Stoplights
$632.00 $496.00

Stoplight Days Without an Accident Sign with Numeric Display (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard with One 2.3" Day Counter and 4" Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$649.00 $510.00

Stoplight Days Since Last Accident Sign with 5” Counter (28Hx22W)

28"h x 22"w Safety Scoreboard Sign with One 5" Counter and Red/Green Stoplights
$747.00 $587.00