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V12 IR Remote Upgrade Kit [LEGACY]

IR Remote Control Version 12
Part number: IRREMOTE-K-V12
Manufacturer: Cousign
$ 35.00

IR Remote Upgrade Kit

**** Version 12 Modules Only **

**** Modules without Telephone Jack ****

This kit is used to upgrade all version 12 and later 2.3" and 5" Dass Modules.

Kit includes Remote Chip, Jumper, and I/R Remote Control.

Make your sign easier to change with Wireless Remote Control. 

Provides complete wireless control of Cousign Modules.

-Note: If your sign has multiple modules you need the serial communication cables - send us a note as to the number of modules your sign has and we will provide the correct number of cables.  

- Remote Chip can control up to 25 modules, each module needs to have a unique address set up in the programming menu of each module. We usually set up the modules  0, 1, 2, 3, .....So the Module with the remote chip is Address 0, second is Address 1 ...

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