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Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

Jul 2016
Food for thought: Making Restaurants a safer place to work
The food service industry is a hotbed for occupational injuries. Every year, tens of thousands of restaurant workers are injured on the job. Is your restaurant safe?
Do you know how your employees really feel about safety at your workplace? An employee perception survey can give your employees a voice while opening a dialog.
Do you know the most common job-related injuries? Learning what injuries occur most often can help you prepare for certain hazards, and improve workplace safety.
Do you have young workers in your job environment? Do you know a young worker who has suffered a work-related injury? Learn how to protect young workers today.
Jul 2016
Whether on the southern coast of the United States, in tornado alley, or on the fault lines in California; natural disasters can be devastating. Is your workplace ready?