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Feb 2016

Check out Cousign in Facility Safety Management


Facility Safety Management Magazine March 2016

Cousign Press Release and Advertisement In Facility Safety Management

We're really excited to see our new advertisement in the March 2016 issue of Facility Safety Management Magazine.  Providing our customers with fully customized quality safety scoreboards and days without an accident signs is our passion. It sure is hard to fit all that we can do into a little blurb in the back page of a magazine, so let's get into it a little more here. 

Custom Graphics and Text

Our customers have complete control over the graphics and text elements incorporated into their sign.  Moving the placement of a counter module to accommodate a large company logo or modifying a text block to include a safety program specific slogan is easy using our design tools.  The process is also very efficient as before placing your order you can see exactly what your sign will look like.  No questions or confusion over what you are getting there!  As always our graphic design team takes a look at your design to make sure it will look great when printed, and you'll always receive a proof to approve before any work begins.  If doing the design yourself isn’t your thing, that’s no problem either!  Just place your order with a proofing option of ‘Show me a recommended design’ and we’ll get to work on a great looking custom digital safety scoreboard for you.  You’ll still get that chance to approve a proof before any printing or assembly work begins.

Display Types

This is where we really shine.  Nobody else offers the level of customization that can be achieved with Cousign. The number of different types of displays that can be added to your sign is truly unlimited.  If you want a custom safety tracking scoreboard that displays five different metrics for ten different teams, that’s 50 displays. No problem! We don’t know of any other safety scoreboard providers offering that level of customization.  We’ve also have a variety of different types of displays to choose from:

Number Displays

Available in 2.3” and 5” digit height our number displays can count up or down every second, minute, hour, day, week, or month; and can provide a reading on 1 to 18 digits.  

Stoplight and Traffic Lights

Our traffic light controller boards allow you to control a red, green, or yellow traffic light and set each to flashing or solid.  You’ll also be able to adjust the brightness level because at full brightness these things are blinding!

Mounting Options

With a choice of standoff mounting, indoor frame or fully sealed outdoor enclosure you'll be able to mount your sign anywhere you need it to inform your employees about your current safe days worked.  Our standoff options are a simple and cost effective means to mount your scoreboard and you retain access to the buttons on the back of the sign for manual control.  If you are looking at mounting your sign outdoors or out of reach we've got you covered with our other control options.

Control Options

All modules can be manually controlled with the buttons on the module itself which is just fine for some of the simpler signs that are not mounted up high.  If you are looking to mount your sign far out of reach or outdoors then an IR remote or network controller is perfect.  Our remote control allows you to easily configure each module on your sign from a distance.  However if you have a very complex sign, you may prefer to control it with our network controller board.  This controller connects to your Ethernet network and allows you to set the configuration for any of the interconnected modules with the click of the mouse and a few keystrokes.

If you are looking for a custom days without accident sign then look no further than Cousign.  Finally, here it is, our advertisement.  We weren't going to fit all of this in there!

Cousign Specialists in Custom Safety and Tracking Scoreboards

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