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Quality Scoreboards

Customer or Product Quality / Production Count Scoreboard Signage

We've focused mainly on signage that tracks safe days worked, but our signs can be used to track all kinds of things.  We've been seeing an uptick in requests for tracking customer quality and production metrics so we've gathered them together in this listing of popular configurations for that purpose.  If you don't see what you need here check out our other catagories.  Any of those configurations can be easily adapted to tracking days since a customer complaint.

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Height: 36"

Safety Sign with Three Lights (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Safety Sign with 8" Red/Green Stoplights and 4" yellow stoplight
$776.00 $610.00

Stoplight Safety Sign (36Hx24W)

36"h x 24"w Safety Sign with Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$807.00 $634.00

Stop Light Sign with Scrolling Message (36Hx48W)

36"h x 48"w sign with Scrolling Message, and Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$1,626.00 $1,278.00

Stop Light Sign, Large Display, Scrolling Message (36Hx48W)

36"h x 48"w Days Without an Accident Sign with One 5" Day Counter, Scrolling Message, and Red/Yellow/Green Stoplights
$1,976.00 $1,553.00