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Digital Timer Sign with One Five Inch Timer Display (10Hx30W)

10"h x 34"w Digital Timer with one 5" Timer Display
Manufacturer part number: 1034-1T
Manufacturer: Cousign

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Digital Timer with Five Inch Digit Height

This five inch tall digit counter is packed with features.  Perfect for displaying time elapsed during time sensitive operations.

Scenario 1:

Display time passed while unloading a truck on a loading dock.  In count up mode, reset the timer to 00:00:00 when a new truck arrives and everyone can easily see the elapsed time while work progresses.

Scenario 2:

You have a time critical assembly process that must be completed within 2 hours.  In count down mode, reset the timer to 02:00:00 and the clock will count down. (you can program in any reset time you wish)  If zero is reached you can choose to stop counting, or continue counting negative to show everyone by how much the target was missed.

Just like all our other signage you can choose your own graphics and text for the face of the timer.  You'll always get a proof to approve before we manufacture your sign.

Display Components Details
6 Digit Timer Display with 5 inch digits

The timer display allows you count the hours, minutes, and seconds since an event.

Press the reset and the timer sets back to 00:00:00 (or a configurable value) and it begins to count.

Programming Options

Count Direction - Should the counter count up or down

Reset Time - What value should the timer be set to when RESET his pushed (Default 00:00:00) but can be set up to 99:59:59

Allow Negative Count - If counting down and 00:00:00 is reached

  • YES: Continue counting down.  Display will continue to count to -0:00:01 and continue counting negative to -9:59:59, if still not reset the display will continue to count, indicating a negative value with the left most decimal point until 9.9:59:59.  Useful for keeping track of a missed target.
  • NO: Stop counting at 00:00:00

Alternate Reset Button
Control the reset function with a number pad key.  Useful for controlling up to 10 timers in close proximity (all timers will respond to the RESET button, but only a timer with its alternate reset button programmed will reset when the configured number key is pressed.

Product Specifications
Height 10"
Width 30"
Sign Face Material Digital Vinyl Print on Clear Lexan
Power Supply UL 120V (Wall Adapter with 6' cord) or direct wire depending on mounting option selected.
Control Options Manual, IR Remote, Network
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