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Jul 2016

I’m damaged, ignored, and forgotten


shelf in front of accident sign

I was so happy the day I showed up to my first day on the job.  This guy with a funny hat pulled me out of my box, smiled, and hung me on the wall.  I was shiny and bright and ready to take on the world.  Every morning that guy would come out of his office and scribble a new number on me letting everyone know what a goog job they had done safely working for so many days without an accident.  Throughout the day people would walk by to check out my number.  Sometimes I would see them get really excited and throw high fives and smiles around like beads at a mardi-gras parade.  One day the guy came out looking a bit somber.  He rubbed out my number and replaced it with a big 0. IT HAS BEEN ZERO DAYS SINCE OUR LAST WORK ACCIDENT.  There was no excitement that day, just frowns and head shaking.  As time went on things got better; in no time the excitement returned as I proudly showed off my new record breaking number each day.  

Those were good times.  Everyone was so excited to see how high the number got.

In time the guy in the funny hat started skipping days.  He would come out every few days to give me a new number, accounting for the days he had missed.  The number was still going up, but nobody seemed to care as much.  Occasionally someone would stop by to take a look at my numbers.  Usually someone new to the place, but the smiles and high fives I had once seen were few and far between.  One day there was a big party for the man with the funny hat.  I never saw him again.  Days turned to months, and nobody came to update my number.  One day some guys came and moved a heavy shelf in front of me.  They didn’t seem to notice how important it was that I be seen!  

Maybe it wasn't anymore.  My number was so outdated.  

It’s been a few years now and I am still stuck behind this shelf damaged, ignored, dusty and forgotten.

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