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Aug 2019

Workplace Safety Topics for Meetings


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Unfortunately, even in the year 2019, workplace safety is still a major issue and people continue to get hurt every single day in the workplace. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, about 13,000 Americans are injured every single day while at work. If you want to promote safety in the workplace and reduce the chances of your employees getting hurt while on the job, then there are certain topics that you should discuss with them during your team meetings.

Here are the most important safety topics to discuss with your employees at meetings:

1. Slips and Falls

They may not seem that dangerous, but slips and falls actually account for the third-highest amount of total accidental deaths in the workplace every year. Only accidental poisoning and motor vehicle crashes are higher on the list. Certain types of workers such as construction workers, roofers, and tree cutters are at particular risk for slip and fall injuries. However, every business needs to regularly remind workers about the dangers of them and to implement policies that reduce the risk of them occurring on the worksite.

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Safety Starts with Your Shoes

You’re only as good as your gear, which is why it’s so important that your employees are properly fitted with appropriate safety shoes for their jobs. Retailers such as Shoes for Crews specialize in providing all types of protective and slip-resistant footwear for all types of employees, from construction workers to restaurant servers.

2. Workplace Violence

It may be surprising to you to know that millions of Americans every single year are the victim of workplace violence. Workplace violence can include anything from a worker getting into a fistfight with a customer to a disgruntled employee shooting up the workplace. Because workplace violence is so prevalent in America, it needs to be addressed on a regular basis. Your company needs to train your employees on how to respond to workplace violence before it occurs. That way, you can reduce the chances of one of your employees being seriously hurt from it.

3. The Use of Narcotics at Work

When employees use narcotics at work, it’s not only extremely dangerous for the employee and for other people on the premises, but it can also be very costly to the business. This is because people with substance abuse disorder tend to miss about fifty percent more days of work than their non-drug using peers. Substance abuse is something that needs to be addressed by your company on a regular basis. You have to remind your employees that drug use at work will not be tolerated, and you need to help them get treatment if they are addicted to substances. When workers go into recovery, they stop missing as many work days and they are more productive and safety-oriented.

Did You Know...

Construction, entertainment, recreation and food service sectors have twice the national average of employees with substance use disorders. Source:

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4. Safe Driving

Driving is the number one leading cause of workplace deaths. Motor vehicle accidents account for roughly 40 percent of all deaths in the workplace. For this reason, you need to discuss driving safety on a regular basis and in a very thorough manner with your employees. You need to especially implement very strict no-texting and driving policies. Many companies are starting to completely ban cellphone use while driving. It may be very wise for your company to implement such a policy as well.

5. Overexertion

Overexertion is a major problem in the workplace that can cause a lot of missed work days from employees as well as injuries. Overexertion actually causes more lost work days than any other safety hazard, which is why your company should frequently discuss overexertion at workplace safety meetings.

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Additionally, you should have an ergonomics assessment performed by a third party, and you should train your employees to avoid overexerting themselves. Excessive pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching, stretching, or lowering can all result in serious injuries. Regular exercise and strength training can help to prevent injuries. So, you should also inform your employees about how they can reduce their chances of injuries by exercising regularly, getting into good shape, and finding a balanced work & social life.

Keep Your Employees Motivated!

It’s important that you and your employees are aware when they are doing a good job exercising property safety procedures in the workplace. Cousign’s digital safety scoreboards​ are the perfect choice when it comes to displaying this anywhere you want to see those procedures being followed. Make sure that safety is a recurring topic with your employees so that they stay top-of-mind during the workday.

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